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Raw Materials Scoreboard Laboratory


This section presents analyses that were created in the framework of the Raw Materials Scoreboard (‘RM Scoreboard’ henceforth) some of which are not included in the final version of the document.

The section consists of background assessments, where alternative data options were evaluated for their possible use in the RM Scoreboard; and additional indicators, i.e. indicators that were also considered for possible use but which were set aside mostly due to the present limitations of the data. 

The Scoreboard searches for indicators that are Relevant, Accepted, Credible, Easy and Robust (RACER) to give answers to relevant policy questions related to the raw materials sector. In this context, the set of indicators presented in the RM Scoreboard is the result of an extended process in which several technical assessments have been performed, and where relevant stakeholders have been consulted at different development stages (Figure 1).

The additional content related to the RM Scoreboard covered by this section is available in the links below.

Scoreboard 2018 cover image
Figure 1. Raw Materials Scoreboard building process


Background assessments


Background assessments have been performed for some topics, including e.g. the evaluation of alternative data sources for use in the Scoreboard, or different data displays.


Additional indicators

Additional indicators were considered to be included in the Scoreboard, but were set aside for different reasons, most frequently due to the current limitations of the data. These limitations are explained within each respective indicator.