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security of supply, critical raw materials, supply risk, economic importance, resilience, foresight, strategic materials, autonomy, advanced materials, material system analysis
Critical, strategic and advanced materials
technologies, batteries, vehicles, critical raw materials, advanced materials, strategic materials, autonomy, security of supply, sectors
Technologies and sectors profiles
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security of supply, Ukraine, Russia, trade, country profiles, disruption of supply, supply chain analyses
Raw material analyses on Russia's aggression against Ukraine
raw materials profiles, security of supply, trade, critical raw materials
Raw materials' profiles
security of supply, Africa, country profiles, trade, environment, circular economy, investments, social aspects
African country profiles
batteries, technologies, vehicles, secondary raw materials, circular economy
Raw materials in the battery value chain
security of supply, country profiles, trade, environment, circular economy, investments, social aspects
EU country profiles
foresight, decarbonisation, technologies, sustainability
Green energy and transport
Raw materials scoreboard 2021
vehicles, secondary raw materials, technologies, critical raw materials, circular economy, foresight
Raw materials in vehicles
EU projects, EIT raw materials, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe
EU funded projects
circular economy, monitoring, life cycle assessment, autonomy
Circular economy: indicators, tools and methods
batteries, supply chain analyses, foresight
Battery supply chain challenges
investments, foreign direct investments, country data, global data
FDI stocks and flows
critical raw materials, health devices, EU projects
CRMs for medical devices
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