In addition to European-level initiatives, many of the individual Member States have produced studies and policy in the area of raw materials. These may identify which materials are important to their economies, identify actions to secure the long-term supply of raw materials, or place issues within the wider context of resource efficiency. The following is a snapshot from selected countries:

  • The French Strategic Metals Plan (2010) identifies areas where France is vulnerable to shortages of critical materials/metals, and suggests concrete measures for the French Government to take to secure the future supply of critical materials.
  • Finland’s Minerals Strategy (2010) outlines a strategy for Finland to exploit known and potential mineral resources to 2050. This aims to ensure that Finland’s domestic mineral sector remains dynamic and globally competitive, as well as to ensure access to minerals for Finish industry, particularly materials that are identified as critical.
  • The German Government’s Raw Materials Strategy (2010) aims to support German industry in securing the raw materials that are essential for their business activities, though it will not extend to taking an active role in securing these raw materials. Instead, support takes the form of instruments on raw materials policy, and support for research, as well as the fact that Germany’s international raw materials policy favours German industry.
  • The Dutch Policy on Raw Materials (2011) outlines three key aims: to secure availability and improve sustainability of raw materials, to restrict/reduce national demand for raw materials, and to improve the efficiency and sustainability of raw materials consumption by the Dutch economy.
  • The United Kingdom’s Resource Security Action Plan (2012) is a joint strategy on natural resources. It details how the UK Government recognises these issues, provides a framework for business action to address resource risks, and sets out a plan-of-action to build on the existing partnership between government and business on natural resource concerns. The Resource Security Action Plan was accompanied by a review of national resource strategies and research activities.

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