Link to EC funded projects about raw materials:

  • FP7 projects
    • COBALT – Contributing to building of awareness, learning and transfer of knowledge on sustainable use of raw materials
    • CRM_InnoNet – Substitution of Critical Raw Materials
    • ERAMIN – Network on the Industrial Handling of Raw Materials for European Industries
    • EURARE – Rare Earth Elements
    • Minerals4EU – Minerals Intelligence Network for Europe
  • Other EU funded projects
    • EUROGEOSOURCE – aggregated geographical information on geo-energy
    • PROMINE – Nano-particle products from new mineral resources in Europe
    • SNAP-SEE – Planning aggregates supply
    • SARMa – Sustainable Aggregates Resource Management
    • Intraw – Fostering international raw materials collaboration
    • HISER – Holistic Innovative Solutions for an Efficient Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials from Complex C&D Waste

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