Analysis of material efficiency aspects of personal computers product group © – Fotolia

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Goal and scope of the study

This report has been developed within the project ‘Technical support for environmental footprinting, material efficiency in product policy and the European Platform on LCA’ (2013-2017), funded by the Directorate-General for the Environment (DG ENV). It aims to analyze specific material efficiency aspects, such as durability, reusability and recyclability, for the personal computer product group. These material efficiency aspects aim at extending the lifetime of products and at maximizing the recovery (and the quality) of materials. Nevertheless, they can also be seen as valuable strategies for mitigation of raw materials supply risks. The importance of material efficiency aspects in product policy were moreover reiterated by the EU Action Plan for the circular economy, especially on its sections concerning production and consumption. The report has been subdivided into different sections, as described below:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Technical background
  • Chapter 3: Analysis of reuse/repair and end-of-life practices
  • Chapter 4: Identification of hot spots
  • Chapter 5: Enhancing resource savings
  • Chapter 6: Enhancing reuse and repair
  • Chapter 7: Enhancing recycling

This report has been used as input to discuss policy options concerning material efficiency in the context of the review study for personal computers under the Ecodesign Directive, led by DG ENER.



Analysis of material efficiency aspects of personal computers product group


Contact person

Fabrice Mathieux (Joint Research Centre, Sustainable Resources Directorate) Email:  fabrice.mathieux(at)

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