Context and Scope

The development, by 2020, of a strong European raw materials knowledge base (EURMKB) is the overarching goal of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials. As a part of this goal, the European Union’s 2020 research and innovation program is currently funding the PROSUM project. The project aims to gather and harmonize the inventory component of the EU-level knowledge base related to secondary raw materials, especially those considered critical to the European economy. Among other expected outputs of the project, all this knowledge will be used to build the so-called Urban mine knowledge data platform (EU-UMKDP). PROSUM is a 3-year project (2015 to end of 2017) organized by the WEEE Forum, a consortium of 17 partners representing research institutes, geological surveys and industry all over Europe.



The information on secondary raw materials is available in Europe from various sources. Using these sources, however, is challenging and require considerable harmonization efforts, because data and knowledge is available in different formats, database, etc. The PROSUM project, with the participation of related organizations, will gather data on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), batteries, and mining waste. In fact, these waste types are likely to embed relatively high concentrations of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). The project will also develop methodologies to harmonize and standardize data on secondary raw materials, so that these align (e.g. format, quality, disaggregation, etc) with existing primary raw materials databases. Towards building a EU Urban mine knowledge data platform (EU-UMKDP), the project will provide a general architecture for an inventory for secondary raw materials in the urban mine and mining waste. Results and recommendation will be communicated via the Information Network to support full access to CRM information along the value chain.



Expected Output

A knowledge platform, the EU Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform (EU-MKDP) and a user friendly portal are expected from the ProSUM project. The knowledge platform will have a centralized database of information WEEE, ELVs, batteries, and mining wastes. The end-users of the platform are, among them, recycling industry, producers, and producer compliance schemes, and policy makers. The platform will enable the stakeholders to obtain knowledge and data inventory on secondary raw materials.


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