Under Administrative Arrangement between DG GROWTH and DG JRC, a new study is being undertaken by JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) and Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) to provide DG GROWTH with technical advice, analysis, and appropriate data for the assessment of the 2013 methodology that has been applied for the publication of the list of critical raw materials for the EU in 2014. Such study also aims to provide a refined – and where appropriate – revised methodology that will be applied by DG GROWTH for the revision of the list of critical raw materials (CRM) foreseen in 2016.

Defining the critical raw materials for the EU’s economy is an essential part of the general Raw Materials Policy at EU-level. These critical raw materials have a high economic importance to the EU combined with a high risk associated with their supply. The purpose of the CRM list is to contribute to the implementation of the EU industrial policy and to ensure that European industrial competitiveness is strengthened through actions in other policy areas.
The main foreseen deliverables of the work to be carried out are:

  • Analysis of the assessment components: supply risk and economic importance
  • Identification of the most reliable data that should be used for assessing criticality
  • Analysis of additional influences on criticality
  • Analysis of applicability of the refined methodology to biotic materials
  • Identification of actual and potential uses of the list of Critical Raw Materials by stakeholders

Delivery of an improved integrated methodology for assessment based on the abovementioned deliverables and recommendation

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